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Let's Face The Facts... In The Last Few Years The World Economy Has Changed

No One Can Predict What The Future Economy Holds In Store For Us - In Order To Establish Our Financial Future and Security We Must Take Action

Isn't It Time To Take Back Control of Your Life and Your Future?

If you would have asked me few years ago to predict what would happen in the coming months, never in a million years would I have guessed it right. We as a world experienced a once in lifetime event. Not just on one front but on many.

Here's a Small List Of What We Faced...

  • A worldwide pandemic
  • Millons of People Dying Due To COVID
  • Record High Gas Prices
  • The complete shutdown of tourism
  • Social Distancing on a Global Scale
  • Economic Upheaval At the Highest Level
  • Worldwide Supply Chain Disruption
  • Mass Layoffs
  • A Major World Power Going To War
  • The Looming Threat of Recession

There Was Also a MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT In The Workplace

Millions of People Realized The Key To Happiness and Fulfillment Is Working For Themselves

Record Numbers of People Have Left High Paying Corporate Positions To Venture Out In Their Own Business - The Great Resignation


I Applaud Every One of These People Who Started Their Own Business

Unfortunately... Most Businesses Fail. You Need More Than a Business, You Need a System To Equal The Playing Field To Put The Odds In Your Favor

Every Successful Business Has a System - Not a Just a Few, EVERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS

Go ahead and name any successful business. I'll bet you can't name one without a system behind them that accounts for their incredible success.

The one most people think of is McDonalds. They're in most countries around the world and the service is identical in every single case. The reason is, their success is not dependent on a person or a company, but a system that was developed to ensure success.

Businesses fail not simply because of people. Businesses fail because of people without a system. That's why we've created the most powerful system on the planet with our brand new program I'm about to tell you about.

Remember... the system is the key!


You're Probably Wondering Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To You

Allow Me To Introduce Myself... My Name is Armand Morin and I've Spent The Last Few Years Creating a Program That's Specifically Designed To Help The Average Person, Just Like You, To Create Extraordinary Success

Once You See The Program In Its Entirety, You'll Agree This Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen


Some of you may have heard of me from the worldwide seminars and events I've done or have spoken at over the years. Or maybe you're a customer of one of the many products and courses I've created. Then again, maybe you've never heard of me at all, and that's ok.

I'm one of the original Internet Marketers who started it all. I've been marketing online since 1996 and since that time I've been fortunate enough to have generated hundreds of millions of dollars through the various businesses, seminars and products I've created.

What's even more important for you to know, is that I've taught hundreds of thousands of people, just like you,  to build their own successful businesses as well.

In fact, I've taught many of the top marketers in the world my strategies and they've gone on to great success. Many of them starting from scratch with just an idea and a dream.

With the world ever changing, I knew something new was needed and that's why I've created the program you're reading about right now.

Knowing What Has Happened and What Needs To Be Done I Created a Brand New Program

It Gives You The Training You Need And A Way To Create an Income Now Without Any Experience, Without Talking To Strangers AND WITHOUT SELLING... In Fact, I'm Asking You To Simply GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!

This Is a Total Game Changer and It’s The Complete Opposite Of What Most Programs Do

GOOD NEWS... You Can Get Started Today For FREE!

Introducing The Brand New...


Equalizer Is Created To Provide Two Specific Functions

1. Provide Worldclass Business Education

Teach you exactly how to start and run your own business successfully on your own terms using proven marketing strategies that have been tested to get results.

2. A System Allowing You To Earn While You Learn

Give you the opportunity to earn income while you are learning to build your business. All the while learning skills you'll utilize in your own business once completed.


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Worldclass Business Training


The first part of our program is designed to teach you how to build your own business no matter what your subject or topic is. The point of this training is to give you the education and knowledge of how to start from nothing and build a successful business that not only generates you income but also something you can be proud of.

You Might Be Asking How Are We Going To Provide This World Class Training?

We'll Be Using What Happens To Be The Longest Running and Most Established Marketing Training Program In The World... Marketing University

Nothing Can Compare To The Training We Provide Inside of Our Members Area

The vehicle I'll be using to train you is one of the programs I've developed over the years which happens to be the de facto standard when it comes to marketing training. It's called Marketing University.

Marketing University is the longest running and most established marketing training program in the history of the Internet. With a 20 year track record of success, we know what you need to know in order to succeed.

We've trained people in countless industries around the world to market their businesses successfully and we can can show you.


It's Good To Know You'll Be Trained By a Company With a 20 Year Track Record


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It's a Time Sensitive Offer You Won't Believe We're Doing

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Here's A Small Glimpse Of How Your Training Will Start

Live Weekly Training With Armand Stay Up To Date With The Latest Marketing Strategies

Every week like clockwork you'll jump on to a LIVE with Armand himself, where he'll share with you his latest business training and information. Each week is totally different based upon what Armand feels is of importance at the time. 

What makes this different is that Armand is teaching you based upon his personal observations in his own business and the strategies he's personally using himself. No theory, just hard core facts designed to get you results immediately.

Here’s Just a Few Of The Topics Covered During The Weekly Trainings

  • Social Media Strategy
  • FaceBook Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Letter Strategy
  • Sales Triggers
  • Business Building
  • Mindset Training
  • Email Marketing
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Website Design
  • Viral Marketing

Plus Much, Much More! Every Weekly Training Is Different

Marketing University Members Area This Is Where You'll Access All The Training You'll Receive

You'll gain access to the Marketing University Members Area. This is where all of our training is stored and ready for you to access. Not only will you be able to have access to our current training, but you'll also be able to access our past trainings as well. 

Whether it's accessing the hours upon hours of training we've done or accessing the software we provide our members, everything is contained within our members area.

Easily access our training, tools and support from one single place.

Free Access To Complete Seminar Experience This Training From Armand and Many To Marketers

Every year we hold a Complete Seminar. In the past we've done these live and in person throughout the US, UK and Australia, but due to the recent events, we've been doing these seminars virtually. 

During the event you'll learn the most up to date business building information available anywhere not only from Armand but also from the many guests he invites to speak and share as well. 

As a Equalizer/Marketing University Member, you'll get free access to these events and many times even preferential treatment as well. These events you don't want to miss.

Vacation Program let's go on vacation together... work hard, play hard

Who doesn't like to go on vacation? Everyone does and I'm sure you can all agree, we can all use it. The fact is, as an Equalizer/Marketing University Member, you're eligible to take part in our Vacation Program. 

Here's how it works. I go on vacation every year and what better way to spend a vacation than with our members. We decide to go to a certain location and all meet up there. Depending on the size of our group, we usually can get some great discounts on stays 

While we're there, we meet a few times to discuss your businesses and strategy. The great part is since is a business vacation, you can write it off! It's almost like vacationing for free.


We Want You To Stay Motivated So We've Created a Magazine Just For Our Members

Each Month You'll Receive Our Offical Magazine In The Mail Called Traces


Traces Magazine Delivered To Your House

Every month you'll also receive our Traces magazine delivered right to your door. Yup, that's right, we actually send you a physical magazine in the mail. 

Why? I know how hard it is to build your business and I want to keep you motivated with information that's positive and information you can actually use. Every month you'll hear stores from me and the other members with techniques and strategies you can use immediately.

Become a Member Today and We'll Send You The Offical Equalizer T-Shirt

Make It Official With The Equalizer T-Shirt Proudly Wear Your New T-Shirt... Now You're Not Alone

The good news is once you join Equalizer, you're now part of our family. As part of the family, we'll be sending you your own Equalizer t-shirt. Sure, maybe it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it signifies the beginning of our time working together.

You see, you'll find out after we start working together, I'm not here for the right now, I'm here for now and forever. I take your business seriously and I look at you being part of our program as a significant step in the right direction. 

So, be on the lookout for your t-shirt in the mail and post a picture online as soon as you get it. Let everyone know you are family.


Let's Show Everone You're Part of The Equalizer Family

It Gets Even Better... We Wanted To Make This Offer Even Better For You

When Join Us Today, You'll Receive These Amazing Bonus Gifts


Video Equalizer - Rank All Your Videos To The Top of YouTube In Less Than 5 Minutes

  • Rank To The Top of YouTube In Minutes
  • Use my time tested formula in this software to do the work
  • Enter In The Words You Want To Rank For
  • Copy The Results From The Software
  • Paste It Into YouTube With Your Video
  • Sit Back and Relax

Optin Equalizer - It Generates a Custom Time Tested and Proven Script To Get Over 50% Conversions

  • This software generates a custom optin script instantly
  • Simply Enter Your Name
  • Type In The Name of Your Product, Course or Program
  • The software goes to work to create a high converting script for you to use
  • I've geneated over a 50% conversion rates for years with this
  • You can do it starting the first day

Webinar Equalizer - Create High Converting Webinar Registeration Pages That Work Right Now

  • It creates a script to capture the most webinar attendees as possible
  • Simply Enter Your Name
  • Type In What people will learn during the webinar
  • The click the create button
  • It does all the work for you
  • Simple record your webinar optin video using this script

Email Equalizer - It Creates The Highest Converting Email Follow Up System of All Time

  • I created the most effective email marketing system ever
  • it's 100% psychologically driven to create sales
  • Now you too can use my personal 8 day follow up system
  • Fill in a few pieces of information
  • It creates 8 days of follow up email messages you can use to start with
  • It doesn't get any easier than this

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Earn While Your Learn


Equalizer is what we call the "earn" part of the "earn while you learn" system. Equalizer is the affiliate program of Marketing University. The reason why we call it "Equalizer" is because of the unique one of a kind approach we take to giving you an opportunity to create a monthly residual income.

This is unlike any other program you've ever experienced. We literally reverse the way other programs work. Instead of asking you to sell something, all we simply ask you to give our product away. I'm not sure if we can make this any easier. Read on to get all the details.

Imagine This... How Easy Would It Be To Build a Business If You Didn't Have To Sell, But Instead Give Away Something For Free?

If No One Wants To Sell, Then Why Does Everyone Try To Get You To Do It?


We're Different... You Don't Have To Sell
You Simply Just Give It Away

Why try to make people do what they don't want to do? I'm referring to selling. When designing our program we took into consideration that not a lot of people want to sell, but yet they still have a desire to participate in an opportunity like this... so we changed the game with Equalizer.

We created an entirely new model where no one sells at all. We simply give our program away and let the program speak for itself. it doesn't get any easier than this. Give it way and you're done!

I Know What You're Thinking... What Will You Be Giving Away?

What will you be giving away? It's simple... Equalizer/Marketing University Memberships. You see the concept is simple. We believe in Equalizer/Marketing University so much, I'm willing to take all the risk and allow you to simply give away 14 day free trial memberships.

I know after experiencing what we have inside of our program, people won't want to leave. They'll want to stay and continue to reap the benefits of our amazing program.

How many people do you know who would be willing to simply give a it a trial. No hard sell, no commitments, but simply get full access for 14 days and see how we can change their lives? It's the easiest program you've ever been a part of.

We Wanted To Make It Easy For You To Create an Instant Stream of Monthly Residual Income

Here's The Best Part... How You Get Paid For Giving Something Away For Free

Our Belief Is Simple... Our System Is The Best Business Training You Can Get, We Simply Let People Try It


Earn $40 Monthly For Every Member Who Stays

How you get paid is very easy to understand. As we previously stated, you simply giveaway free trials to Equalizer/Marketing University which gives the user 14 days to try our program and see if it's a good fit for them.

Some people will decide that it's just not a good fit and that's ok. Then there will be the people who see the value in what we have and decide to stay. For every member you refer that decides to stay after the 14 day trial, you earn a $40 monthly commission for the referral for as long as they are a member.

You do the work once and get paid monthly. In fact, as you'll see in a moment, this $40 commission can even grow if that person decides to upgrade to our more advanced levels. It's that easy!

You're Probably Wondering How Could You Possibly Give This Away With No Experience

The Great Part About Our Program Is That You Need Zero Experience To Get Started Because We'll Be Teaching and Training You What To Do, How To Get Started, What Works and The Latest Marketing Strategies Available

What We Teach You To Do Is The Same Training You Can Use In Your Own Business

The reason why many businesses fail is that they simply don't know how to market their products and services. Even though the Internet is now decades old, there's still a mystery about how to use it effectively simply because it changes so fast.

The good news is you have use to help you every step of the way. Sure there's a selfish motive behind this. The fact is... I don't make money until you make money. If this is the case, do you really think we'd steer you wrong?

We have a quick start program already developed and waiting for you to start utilizing right now. We also have our weekly training where we share new strategies every single week. In addition, have have planned training sessions to walk you through the processes that you need to know. We're here to help you.


The Potential Of Our System Is Incredible... It's Just About Giving It Away, That's What's Different

Forget The Higher Levels For Now... Think of What's Realistically Possible With This Amazing Program Simply Giving Away Free Memberships

Memberships Given Away Monthly Commission Yearly Commission
10 $400/Mo. $2,400.00
50 $2000/Mo. $12,000.00
100 $4000/Mo. $24,000.00
200 $8000/Mo. $96,000.00

zero Cost to Get Started... Let Us Help You Succeed!

Does It Get Any Better? Yes, It Does Because Some People Will Want To Upgrade

When People Upgrade Their Equalizer/Marketing University Membership You Can Earn Commissions Up To $8000.00 From One Single Referral!


What I've shown you so far is only the first level of Marketing University. There's actually 5 levels of the program, each with their own unique access and benefits.

It's natural that as a person's business grows, they'll need additional information and advanced training on a regular basis, but of course these higher levels have more costs associated with them.

When a person does upgrade, you get that higher commission as well, paid either monthly or yearly based upon the program they have upgraded to.

You're not doing any extra work. Our system handles it all for you. We use a natural progression and allow people to upgrade at their own pace, but you benefit each and every step along the way.

You Continue To Earn Commissions as Your Referred Members Are Tied To You

Below Is a Chart of The Marketing University Levels and The Commissions Associated With Each Level of The Program

Level Name Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Monthly Price $97/Mo. $197/Mo. $497/Mo. $997/Mo. $1997/Mo.
Annual Price $1000 $2000 $5000 $10,000 $20,000
Your Commissions $40/Mo.
What You'll Receive On Each Level of Marketing University
Marketing University X X X X X
Traces Magazine X X X X X
Vacation Program X X X X X
Free Ticket To Complete X X X X X
Weekly Training X X X X X
Monthly Seminars X X X X
Existing Courses & Content X X X X
Pageable 1 Site 5 Sites 10 Sites 10 Sites
Monthly Website Critiques X X X X
Live Q&A Webinars X X X
Unlimited Email Access To Armand X X X
3 Live In Person Intensives X X X
$25,000 Better Your Best X X
Exclusive Intensive For P&T Only X X
2 - Private 60 Minute Calls w/Armand X
4 - Private 60 Minute Calls w/Armand X
1 Private Day With Consult w/Armand X
All Access MasterClass (6/Yr.) X

This is that SPECIAL BONUS I've been telling you about. Don't miss out on this!


Right Now, When You Join Us Today, You'll Be Automatically Upgraded... Don't Miss Out On This!

Everyone That Joins Us Right Now Will Automatically Be Upgraded From Our Bronze Level To Our Silver Level, But Be Grandfathered In At The Bronze Price

That's right, when you join Equalizer/Marketing University today, you'll be automatically upgraded from a Bronze member to a Silver member but at the Bronze price.

Here's what this means to you...

Instead of accessing only the Bronze member benefits, you'll also receive the Silver benefits as well. More importantly, after the 14 day FREE trial, instead of $197/mo. which you would pay as a Silver member, you'll be locked in at the Bronze price of only $97/mo. for as long as remain a member.

Don't Miss Out On This SPECIAL BONUS

When you join Equalizer/Marketing University today, you'll be instantly upgraded to a Silver member at 50% DISCOUNT!

Plus... Receive These Benefits As Well

  • Access Over 70+ Marketing Courses

    You'll have instant access to our Marketing Library which contains over 700+ hours of marketing training.

  • Monthly Marketing Seminar

    Access my live streamed monthly seminar. Every month you'll get access to our live training delivered right to your home.

  • Existing Courses and Content

    You'll get access to many of my courses which people have paid as much as $4997 to access just one of them.

  • Free Pageable Account

    You'll even get a free account at which my website builder which is the top designer online. 

  • Access My Monthly Website Critiques

    You can even sit in on my monthly website critiques where I critique one of our member's websites each month.

Get This Limited Time Bonus Today... Don't Wait on This

A Lot of Programs Say They Have a Quick Start Program... But We Really Do

Get Started Fast With Our Equalizer Quick Start Program Designed To Teach You How To Start Giving Away Free Memberships Starting on Day One

Let's face it, it's in my own selfish interest to help you succeed and make you my next great success story. Why? It's simple. I don't make money unless you make money. Does that make sense?

Let me repeat it again... I don't make money unless you make money.

So what I've done is created a step by step program to fast track your success to get you to take actionable steps that produce results. This training is not some fluffy interview or some light weight training you could have gotten on YouTube for free. This is the real deal showing you how to make this program work for you starting from day one!


How This System Is Better Than Anything Else Out There

100% Commission Lead Generators

We have several 100% commission lead generators so you can earn income to pay for any ad costs.

Proven Optin Pages

Unlike many programs, our optin pages have been proven to work with several years of testing to ensure we create as many leads as possible. 

Automated Webinars Do All The Work

One of the most powerful tools we have is our automated webinars. Simply promote these webinars and start making sales fast. 

Weekly Member Newsletter To Motivate

Each week we'll be sending out our Member Newsletter to keep you updated on the latest trainings and updates.

Free Tools To Giveaway To Build Your List

There's no better way to promote our program than to simply give away free tools to entice your prospects into taking a look.

Exclusive Member Contests

From time to time we'll be conducting Member Contests to keep everyone motivated and excited. You'll love what we have in store for you. 

Training To Teach You What To Do

There's not better way to help you than to simply show you what works and how you can implement these strategies into you business.

Ready Made Marketing Materials To Use

We've created and will continue to create ready made marketing materials you can simply copy and paste to help you start earning commissions.

Here's The Bottom Line... If You Want To Build a Real Online Business and Earn Monthly Resisual Income While You're Doing It, Then This Is For You

If You Want To Keep Buying Program after Program and Keep Getting The Same dismal Results... I can't Help You - Change Your Life Today and Join Us

Here's What You'll Receive When You Join Us Today


1. Worldclass Business Education

Teach you exactly how to start and run your own business successfully on your own terms using proven marketing strategies that have tested to get results.

  • Weekly Live Training With Armand
  • Marketing University Members Area
  • Traces Magazine
  • Free Access To Complete Seminars
  • MU Vacation Program

2. Earn While You Learn System

Give you the opportunity to earn income while you are learning to build your business. All the while learning skills you'll utilize in your own business once completed.

  • Earn Monthly Residual Income
  • Ready Made Marketing Materials
  • Quick Start Pragram
  • Continuous Training
  • Automated Webinars To Help You

Remember When You Join Today and Get a Free Upgrade To Our Silver Level


The Cost To Join Us Today Is $0.00!

Simply click the button below to get started with Equalizer/Marketing University. You'll get instant access to all our great trainings and tools. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to share the program with others and earn monthly residual income by simply giving our membership away. Nothing is easier than this!